Advice from internet Dad

Two Paths

One path is straight, clean, and you can see exactly where it leads. Taking it will give you an idea of what stability is for you and your life. You do this when your building up momentum and letting your mind rest. Don’t forget, the world always changes, and nothing is 100% in your control and you don’t want 100% to be in control. This path will allow you to coast and spend less energy.

The other path is rough, dark, unknown. It may seem scary, but the more you encounter this uncertainty, the stronger you become and the more your mind is able to grow and adapt. Here you will slip and fall and get hurt. This will happen over and over again. This is ok. This is experience. Learn from it quickly otherwise you’ll consume too much of your energy and the energy of others around you.

Which path should you choose?

Both. Pick the best route for what ever you want to achieve at the time. Who said you can’t?