Advice from internet Dad

Breath Matters

How your breath smells says a lot about you, in a negative way. Follow these steps to avoid being that person who people avoid.

Brush your teeth regularly. Minimum twice a day at morning and night. Make sure not to be rough, but the point of brushing is to physically remove old food and bacteria. You might brush more, like after a smelly meal, but try to avoid brushing after eating sugar. Sugar softens your teeth and you’ll be scraping at the¬†protective layer of enamel.

Floss every day at night. Worst is to have a chunk of food getting old in your mouth overnight. You can floss after each meal and it’s ok.

Mouthwash when you can. This is a great idea for a meeting or class where you will be working closely with others.

Gum, easiest way to freshen breath in a short amount of time. Try the sugar-free kinda and make sure to throw away in a garbage can before it makes your jaw sore. Avoid the bubble bum style. More on Gum later.

Mints/Sweets, avoid whenever possible. They do more bad than good. You might have good breath, but no teeth.