Advice from internet Dad

When to give up

Give up when you’ve learned the lessons. But be honest and don’t give in to fear or make excuses.

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Two Paths

One path is straight, clean, and you can see exactly where it leads. Taking it will give you an idea of what stability is for you and your life. You do this when your building up momentum and letting your...

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Sleep routine

When you can, have a consistent routine for waking and going to bed, even on weekends. If something has to give, sleep later, but wake up at the same time. It’s more important to your brain to have regularity, than...

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Less stuff, more life

The more things you have, the more time you’ll have to spend dealing with them. The fewer things you have, the more time you will have to develop relationships and have a life.

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Late night food

Don’t eat anything you can buy past midnight.

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